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Pre-Employment Drug Testing in Denton

Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment screening can encompass a variety of different services, depending on your company’s circumstances. Deciding what services will best serve your long term success by considering assessment your areas of greatest potential risk. Good resumés, good impressions during interviews, and good references are a great start, and may well tell the whole story. But sometimes security requires pulling aside the curtains and digging a little deeper. ARCpoint Labs of Denton provides a variety of services to meet all your pre-employment screening needs.

Pre-employment screening services include:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Financial and Credit Background Checks
  • Driving Record Screening
  • Education and Employment Verification Screening

Risk managers specializing in the investigation of employee misconduct and criminal activity in the workplace cite several benefits of pre-employment screening:

  • Knowing they will undergo screening increases the likelihood that candidates will represent themselves honestly.
  • The announcement that background and substance screening is required during the hiring process will cause some high-risk candidates to exclude themselves.
  • Job history, driving records and criminal background checks, where applicable, can provide information that may reduce the risk of turnover, theft of company or client property or assets and accidents on and off the job, all of which affect your bottom line and company morale.

More Than Just a Drug Test

More and more companies require new hires to undergo drug & alcohol testing. But depending on your business, your company may benefit greatly from broader and deeper information about your potential new hires. If prospective employees would be in a position to have access to clients’ financial assets or intangible assets such as proprietary information or materials, you may decide to establish a policy of background screening which includes criminal background or financial background checks.

Substance abusing employees cost employers in myriad ways, quantifiable and not, but all very important. Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening provides a snapshot that gives you specifically targeted and objective information about your potential new hires. This is information that can help prevent problems in the future. Employers today often decide it’s better to be safe than sorry in these matters. When it comes to drug testing, don’t take unnecessary chances. Call ARCpoint Labs of Denton for assistance.

ARCpoint Labs of Denton has worked with clients of all sizes to conduct pre-employment drug screening and background screening. Let us provide the proper pre-employment screening services before you make the official hire – potentially wasting valuable time, effort and money training an employee that has issues or a problematic history.

Your employees and clients will thank you when you take the steps to keep their assets safe and secure with these services:

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