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Health & Wellness in Denton

Health & Wellness Services for Businesses

As an employer, it’s in your best interests to have a healthy workforce. Healthy employees are more productive, have lower healthcare costs, are less likely to be absent from work, and are overall better contributors to the workplace.

ARCpoint Labs of Denton offers a variety of health and wellness services your business can use to help keep your employees healthy. Our location offers quick, convenient services and always accurate results.

Corporate Wellness

From wellness screening and on-site flu shots to workplace wellness program assessment, we are your comprehensive corporate wellness experts.

Telehealth Services

Make it easier for your employees to get affordable, reliable medical care, 24/7, from the comfort of their own homes.

Health Risk Assessments

Wellness screening is only a part of monitoring your health. With a Health Risk Assessment, you can gauge your current health, identify potential risks, and develop treatment plans.

Why Invest in Your Workforce?

It’s true that health and wellness initiatives require a budget and oversight. But by investing in Health Risk Assessments, Telehealth, and other health and wellness services, you truly are investing in your workers, providing them with a healthier future and therefore investing in the future of your company.

When you work with ARCpoint Labs of Denton for your corporate health and wellness program, you make the wisest investment of all.

Improve Health & Wellness in Your Workplace

ARCpoint Labs of Denton can help you improve the health and wellness of your employees. Our comprehensive services include all you need to design an effective workplace wellness program, from biometric screenings and Health Risk Assessments that provide a baseline of health information to telehealth services and corporate wellness initiatives that will help your employees stay healthy.

Want a happier, healthier workforce? Contact ARCpoint Labs of Denton.

Accurate. Reliable. Confidential Testing.

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