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Pharmacogenetics Testing in Denton

Pharmacogenetics – Optimum Rx Treatment by the Most Efficient and Economical Route

Have you ever wondered why you react a certain way to a prescription medication that others seem to have no problems with? Maybe your family has a history of adverse reactions to a certain drug and you want to take precautions to preserve your health.

If you knew a simple, one-time test of a sample of your could help you answer these questions, possibly saving you needless anxiety, untold amounts of money and maybe even save your life, now or years into the future, you’d take it.

What is Pharmacogenetics Testing?

Pharmacogenetics is a form of DNA testing that uses a simple sample of your saliva. Our skilled technicians use the sample to create your unique personal genetic profile. The profile is then compared and run against a comprehensive and extensive list of medications. This information then tells your prescribing physician which medications will work well with your DNA and which ones are not compatible. It also advises them on dosages.

Pharmacogenetic testing could save you thousands of dollars in expensive trial and error prescriptions and doctor visits, as well as painful or even deadly side effects that can come with taking the wrong medication. Perhaps even more importantly, the confidence in treatment plans that pharmacogenetics testing can generate can ease the anxiety of uncertainty, waiting and wondering if this medication with work or cause you problems.

The Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing

Pharmacogenetics testing with ARCpoint Labs of Denton offers many benefits including:

  • Peace of mind: You  will know that the prescription you are taking has been scientifically-proven to be compatible with your unique DNA.
  • Lower cost: You will experience reduced co-pay and out-of-pocket costs and potentially lower premiums when you eliminate the trial and error prescription process.
  • Getting healthier, faster: When you are prescribed the right medication for your body, you have a better chance of getting well sooner.

Additionally, pharmacogenetics testing is ideal for people that suffer from common conditions and diseases, such as:

  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • Hormonal issues
  • Infections
  • Pain
  • Urological problems
  • And more

The test results are extremely useful for doctors helping you to create a treatment plan.

Learn More About Pharmacogenetics Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Denton

See how pharmacogenetics testing can help you optimize your health! Contact ARCpoint Labs of Denton today.

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